San Jose Shooting Today


San Francisco Vigil to Remember the Victims of the San Jose Shooting Today

A vigil has been held in San Francisco to remember the victims of the San Jose shooting today. Police say the suspect may be a disgruntled VTA employee, and the Fire Chief says that he is aware of two fatalities from the shooting. No details on the third crime have been released, but it’s believed that it began as a family dispute. Several of the victims were pronounced dead at the scene.

vigil for victims of san jose shooting

The San Jose community is planning a vigil for the eight people who were killed in the VTA mass shooting today. The vigil, which was originally scheduled for May 26th, will take place at 6pm at the San Jose City Hall Plaza. Many community leaders and religious leaders have come together to honor the victims and their loved ones, including the nine men and women who were shot. The group People Acting in Community Together organized the vigil.

Police say suspect was disgruntled VTA employee

A memo from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department has revealed some details surrounding the shooting at the VTA. The memo says that Samuel Cassidy was a “disgruntled VTA employee,” who may have targeted fellow employees. Investigators have yet to determine if Cassidy was regularly in contact with the victims. But one thing is certain: Cassidy’s violent and erratic behavior was motivated by resentment and frustration over his job.

Fire chief says he is aware of two fatalities linked to the shooting

A report from CBS San Francisco indicates that eight people have died, including the shooter, in the incident. Another person is in critical condition. San Jose fire chief says he is aware of two fatalities. The shooter also killed himself. Earlier, San Jose Fire Department Chief Robert McKay said that the suspect is a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority employee. The shooting is still under investigation, but the San Jose Fire Department is responding to calls for help.

Homicides up 16 percent compared to first half of 2020

The state attorney general’s office recently released official crime statistics for 2020. One of the stats that garnered national attention was the fact that homicides were up 16 percent compared to the first half of 2019. This represents a significant change from the historic trend of fewer killings. However, the increase was not unrelated to other factors. Gun sales increased by 65 percent and handguns by 45 percent. Overall, 74.2 percent of homicides were committed with a gun.

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