CBD Boutique Premium Hemp


CBD Boutique Premium Hemp

CBD products have become a standard component in many daily wellness routines. Whether used topically or ingested, CBD offers benefits like relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammation, and heart health. Joseph Pacifico and Deanna Dominguez embarked on their journey to create a CBD boutique in September 2020. Their boutique will be located at the Hemp Social, a new concept in the heart of the CBD neighbourhood of Oakland.

Developed by a family-owned farm in Central Oregon, High Desert Nectar cultivates premium hemp for products that nourish the body while benefiting the environment. This unique strain offers sharp, earthy notes and a classic Afghani Kush expression. Known for its compact growth, Kush Hemp E1 is an excellent choice for arid deserts and windy regions. It is a versatile strain with many benefits.

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