Daisy: How to Become the Duke’s Fiancee Chapter 73


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Choosing a marriage of convenience between Daisy and the Marquess

A loveless marriage of convenience has trapped Maggie, Marchioness of Sandhurst. She has not seen her husband for over a year and has decided to create a scandal to win back her freedom. Maggie’s husband, Simon, married her for her fortune and vowed to never touch a woman he did not want to marry. However, when he finds a mysterious masked siren at a wicked country house party, he begins to have a desire for the woman who he is pretending to be a wife. After going on fake dates, he discovers Maggie and they begin a love story.

Liam and Daisy’s families are putting pressure on them to get married, and Liam needs to marry someone to inherit the distillery from his grandfather. Despite this, Liam and Daisy meet at Liam’s office and decide to fake their engagement. Though Daisy hates Liam with a passion, Liam is secretly attracted to Daisy. They devise a plan to get closer to each other before the wedding, but when Liam discovers that Daisy is a married woman, they decide to get back together.

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