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Fallout 4 Game Review

Fallout 4 is set in post-apocalyptic America. After a nuclear war decimated the former USA, the survivors have rebuilt society and faced a host of enemies. The main enemies include the Brotherhood of Steel, a paramilitary organization obsessed with collecting technology from the old world, and the Enclave, descendants of the US government before the war. While the story is based on a real-world setting, the Fallout games can be played in a virtual world.

Characters can be developed as humans or robots in the Fallout games. The SPECIAL system, which is used in the game, allows players to develop different character traits in a non-confrontational way. Characters can develop skills in science, combat, speech, or other areas of the Wasteland. The Fallout games also feature extensive character leveling, allowing players to customize their character to their preferences. In the end, the choices made by the player will determine their survival in the world.

The first Fallout game, Fallout, started in Southern California in 2161. The Overseer sends a Vault Dweller to the Wasteland to find a new Water Chip. The Water Chip is responsible for recycling water and pumping machinery inside the vault. But there are only 150 days left before water runs out in the vault. The game is a classic alternate history scenario that will have fans playing for hours.

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