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Top 100 PC Games

There are many great PC games to choose from, but 100 is a relatively small number. You are bound to miss some great ones that we didn’t list. Check back soon for new additions. We’ll update this list as we discover more games to include. In the meantime, consider these picks. Listed below are some of our favorite titles. These games are sure to entertain and delight you for hours on end. If you love playing games on your PC, you’ll want to make these selections!

Dying Light 2

The game is highly optimized to run on current-generation consoles, but is highly scalable on PC, so you shouldn’t have to worry if your PC isn’t the fastest in the world. While the game’s ray-tracing capabilities are impressive, it’s not the kind of game you should be using a low-end CPU for, but rather a high-end gaming PC. However, it’s important to note that the game’s graphics will be affected if you increase the resolution. A 1440p/max setting will require a GPU with a good level of performance, and DLSS will significantly increase the quality of the game’s graphics.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-RPG video game that puts you in the shoes of an outcast in a mysterious futuristic Earth. The game is full of ruthless savagery and freezing wilds. You can even get Ultra-Wide Monitor support for a truly immersive experience. It is a game you can’t put down once you’ve finished it. If you’ve never heard of the series or have a PC, you’re in for a treat.

God of War

While God of War is a great looking game, it is a bit of a struggle to play on the PC. The controls are easy to learn but you will need a lot of talent to complete the game. You can only use a controller if you want to play the game without a keyboard. The game’s art direction is also impressive. The plot is also interesting, and there are plenty of surprises for you to find throughout the game. God of War is available on both PlayStation 4 and PC.


There is an ongoing debate among PC gamers as to whether the graphics card needed for the game Control is worth the hundreds of dollars it costs. Most gamers will argue that running Control on its maximum settings will not make it worth the cost, but they will still want to keep their options open in case the game’s graphics will disappoint them. It is worth noting that the game requires 16 GB of system RAM. Those with a lower system configuration may be forced to settle for less expensive graphics cards.

Hollow Knight

Whether you’re a fan of Metroidvania action-adventure games or are unsure whether or not to invest in a PC version of Hollow Knight, you should definitely consider playing this title. It was developed by independent developer Team Cherry and features a nameless insectoid warrior exploring a fallen kingdom afflicted by a supernatural disease. Here’s what you should know about the game:

Metro Exodus

If you’re looking for an action-packed first-person shooter, Metro Exodus is the game for you. Set in a bleak, nuclear-affected Russian city, this game features ray-tracing global illumination and an excellent storyline. You’ll find that you’ll be emotionally invested in your companions, as well as the characters themselves. And while you’re not playing an open-world game, you’ll still have plenty of scope for replayability.

Elden Ring

You can get Elden Ring for PC games if you are a fan of the action role-playing games. Elden Ring is an action RPG set in 2022 and is created by FromSoftware, published by Bandai Namco, and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game also features collaboration with fantasy author George R.R. Martin. It is the perfect game for you to enjoy while playing your computer.

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