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Metagamers – How Metagaming Affects Esports and Game Balance

On the video game podcast Metagamers, host Rick Daino discusses pop culture, video games, and technology. In this episode, Daino tackles topics ranging from social rules to cheating. Listen to the show to learn about all of the latest news and developments in gaming technology. This episode also focuses on how Metagaming has affected esports and game balance. So, what is Metagaming?

Metagaming is cheating

If you have ever watched the movie Psycho, you know that the bad guy is hiding behind the shower curtain. But did you know that the audience is aware that Marion Crane knows the bad guy is behind the curtain too? It’s a little like how players adjust their character’s actions based on gamemaster intentions and mercy. Those actions constitute metagaming. So if you’re wondering if metagaming is cheating, read on to discover how to spot it.

Essentially, metagaming is using information outside of the game to give you an advantage in a game. It can be hard to do this when you’re a character, but the integrity of the game requires that you avoid this practice. In pen and paper role-playing games, it’s almost impossible to avoid metagaming, because character integrity is the most important part of the game. While it can be tempting to use cheating techniques to help you win, you should never do it!

It affects game balance

Game balance is an important factor to consider when making a decision. One example is the use of’metagaming’ by gamers. When a player sees that his or her character has learned something that is outside of the game’s realm of understanding, they may feel cheated or unfair. In this case, the player needs to know the character’s reasoning behind this choice. While this may not be a problem for everyone, it is a good idea to consider the effect of the technology on the overall game balance.

Generally, the tech used by players to alter game balance can be broken or overpowered. Some players may try to get the upper-hand in the game by altering the game’s settings. For example, if the player is playing the role of a Paladin, they might choose to choose an armor set made by a thief. But the thief would prefer to steal from the party instead.

It affects social rules

The practice of comparing your own actions to those of other players is often referred to as metagaming. Players who use such tactics are often considered to be cheating and may be found in breach of multiplayer game etiquette. These behaviors can ruin fun, fair play and sportsmanship. Generally, players are expected to play as a character based on their actual knowledge of the game. However, the practice of “metagaming” may lead to characters taking actions they would not otherwise take. Examples of multiplayer games that allow for’metagaming’ include GTA RP, AmongUs, and Dungeons & Dragons. While the Grand Theft Auto series is known for its realistic gameplay and out-of-world experience, some players use the technology to get ahead in the game.

It affects esports

During the late nineteen-nineties, standard internet connections weren’t good enough for gaming, let alone playing video games. Even a dial-up modem would make World of Warcraft nearly impossible to play. Today, thanks to better internet speeds, the game is much smoother and easier to understand. The broader availability of high-speed Internet means that more people are able to enjoy esports from any part of the world. As internet speed continues to rise, more aspiring esports pros can compete against each other and see which team is winning. As VR becomes more popular, it will also create a whole new design space for competitive gaming.

While there are many factors driving the popularity of esports, some of the biggest reasons are the increasing level of technology available. With the proliferation of gaming-specific streaming platforms, fans can easily connect with their favorite teams and players. This connectivity has been enhanced by the advent of mainstream socials, such as Twitter and Facebook. Certain esports organizations have even ventured into merchandise to gain even more visibility.

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