Molkki Written Update


Molkki Written Update

The latest episode of the Colors serial, Molkki, has just aired on Zee TV. If you are a fan of the show, then you will surely like its twists and turns. The episode begins with Purvi buying flowers but forgetting to pay the vendor. While walking down the street, a mysterious man calls her. He then puts her into a coma, leaving Purvi unconscious. Sakshi then decides to disguise herself by changing into a doctor’s outfit and putting on a mask, but her plight doesn’t end there.

Episode 168

If you are looking for the latest episodes of Molkki, you will be delighted to learn that the show is back on the air again! The seventh installment of the serial airs on 7th July 2021 on Colors. It will feature a new character, Sakshi, who is the daughter of a powerful politician. In this episode, she will find out that she has been sold to Virender by her father, who is still in love with his dead wife. The episode will also reveal that Virendra is trying to seduce Sakshi as a clause in his uncle’s will. The two will have to decide whether or not they should fight for their dignity or accept the circumstances.


Molkki is a new show that is going to air on Indian television on 18 October 2021. The writing is quite good so far and we hope the audience will love it too! If you have been waiting for the show, here are some updates about it! Read these and rate it! Virender Molkki Written Update

Virender is very surprised to see Purvi again after their marriage. In the last episode, he gets a shock to find out that she and Arjun are married. When he asks her why she has lied to him, she tells him that it’s because she is not happy with him. She then tells him that she is a Molkki and doesn’t love him anymore, and then asks him to leave her. Virender gets angry and threatens to kill her, but Arjun has the last word.

Nani and Purvi’s parents return home. Virender tells the driver to speed up because he wants to save the old woman from the car. But the driver does not treat her right and hurts her in the process. Veerendra drops the window panel, and Poorvi picks up her bicycle to go home. Priya asks what happened and is surprised that she saw a drunk Virender.


Tomorrow’s Molkki episode will end with a bang as the episode ends with Satyam telling Virendra the truth. But, will the rest of the cast be able to get over this shock? Here are some updates from the writers of Molkki:

In the beginning, Virendra and Purvi are talking on the phone. While chatting, Virendra sees a flashback where Purvi and another woman are walking on a wet road. When she asked Virender about it, he replies that the woman in the flashback is Renu Mukhiji. But the scene is cut short as Virendra asks if the boys are still alive.

Meanwhile, Anjali sees Purvi and Virendra hugging and starts to talk to him about how she ruined their plans. She also tries to influence him against Purvi. She makes him tell her about the Sarpal’s application. Then, she reveals to Virendra that the kids should not be hating her and asks him to help them. Later, Purvi comes across Sakshi and Anjali. She is shocked to see that Virendra is talking against Purvi to save her.

In the meantime, Virendra tells Sakshi to go to town. He tells Purvi to get ready for the Molkki diwas, but he doesn’t believe her and threatens to hurt himself until she confesses. But Sakshi refuses to see him in pain, and he decides to bring her a red dress and break her fast. This decision is met with a mixed reaction from both Virendra and Sakshi.


Virneder is about to leave for his farmhouse in one hour. During the preparation, Purvi convinces him to take his family out for a picnic. During the picnic, Purvi accidentally breaks a picture frame of Juhi and Sakshi. Luckily, heavy wind breaks the glass, but Purvi then forgets to get a broom for the break. She asks her maid to go fetch the broom, but when she arrives, she is informed by Anjali that there is no glass. Sakshi’s spirit is travelling the house and the maid is left in the dark.

Virendra drops his kids off at a boarding school. He then goes inside to give an interview. Chandni and Daksh wait outside. Virender asks Purvi to stop calling him Molkki and says that she will marry him in Delhi. This news brings the whole house to a halt. The kids are in awe of their father’s sudden decision, and the two begin a long journey home.

Virender has to deal with an argument with Purvi. He gets shocked when he learns that she and Arjun got married before Virender’s release. Purvi then tells him that she is a Molkki, not her husband. She then asks him to leave her husband. Virender is furious, but his wife is asking him to leave her. He tries to convince him to leave his wife.


Every week, Molkki, an animated character, posts a new written update on the show’s website. The’smiles’ are often hilarious, so the weekly update is a great way to see the latest developments in the show. You can view the written update here:

Virender Arjun

In the latest episode of Virender Arjun’s upcoming show Molkki, he’ll face the same dilemma as his previous character Purvi. The latter tries to convince him to save Virendra, but he refuses. He even threatens to pull out his tongue. In this episode, he’ll also get to know the truth about Sakshi. He’ll also have a chance to make amends to his mother.

Meanwhile, Virendra is worried as Manas is not in a good condition. He is trying to convince his mother and father to save him. But she’s not convinced. She asks Virender if he’s sure that Manas will recover, and he answers yes. She’s now worried and tells him to finish his work so that he can come and see her.

After the couple has met, Purvi gets into an argument with Virender. Virender is shocked to learn about the marriage between Arjun and Purvi. But she tells him that she is only a Molkki and doesn’t love him. She tries to make him leave her, but Virender bursts into rage. He then asks her not to mention anything about the kids. The argument becomes more intense when Arjun tells him that she has a new life with him.

Virender Arjun’s Molkki is a popular Indian TV serial that airs on Colors Tv. It is an entertaining show that is aired Monday to Friday at 10 PM. While it may not be the most interesting serial on television, it’s definitely worth a look. If you’ve ever been curious about Virender Arjun’s love life and what it is like to have a new partner, Molkki is for you.

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