Jesse Langford Recalls Horror of Volcanic Eruption That Killed His Family


Jesse Langford Recalls Horror of Volcanic Eruption That Killed His Family

Jesse Langford, star of the popular TV series Breaking Bad, recently recounted his experience of living through a volcano eruption that killed his family. Langford’s story has become an important reminder to everyone that if there is any power in nature, it can be a force that is far too powerful to be tamed. And, although it’s unlikely that a volcanic eruption will strike us again, it’s important that we are aware of how it can happen.

Filming in New Zealand

Jesse Langford, an adrenaline junkie, lost his entire family in the eruption of the White Island volcano in New Zealand. The family, which consisted of his parents, Kristine and Anthony, and younger sister, Winona, were in the country for a cruise.

The Langfords were on a 12-day cruise. Their itinerary included a visit to the island, a visit to the nearby beach, and a trip to the tallest building in New Zealand.

On Monday, December 9, the White Island erupted, venting steam and mud into the air. The volcanic blast caused dozens of people to suffer serious burns. Several of them were Australians and tourists.

The eruption was followed by a storm that struck the island and swept some of the bodies off the shore. Police divers have searched the water for the bodies.

The Whakaari Volcanic Eruption

On the day that the Whakaari volcano erupted, many people were in the area to see it. At least 47 visitors were on the island at the time of the eruption, most of them tourists from around the world. Some of these were from countries such as Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and China.

The eruption left nearly all the survivors with severe burns. Twenty-seven were burned to at least 30 percent of their body. Another 27 had inhalation burns that required airway support. Several others had deep tissue burns. Many of these injuries are expected to require hospital transfers to burn units in Australia and New Zealand.

Survivors speak of the emotional and mental toll the day took on the families. Among them are Jesse Langford, a 19-year-old Australian who was on the cruise with his family when the eruption occurred.

Jesse Langford

When an eruption occurred on White Island, New Zealand, it claimed the lives of 22 people. This includes Jesse Langford, a 19-year-old Australian tourist and his family. He was on a 12-day cruise in the country with his parents and younger sister. They had been visiting Whakaari, a volcano that emitted scalding ash and steam.

The crater where Jesse’s parents were killed had just erupted, and the smoke was so hot that it had temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius. Jesse recalls being at the crater when it blew. It was a terrifying experience. His father told him he could barely breathe.

Jesse Langford was on his way back to the cruise ship on a nearby beach. As he was heading toward the water, he saw a large mound of dirt. He took shelter there. However, he felt the ground shuddering and an intense pulse of adrenaline. At that point, he knew that he would die if he did not move.

Matt and Lauren Urey’s severe burns

Jesse Langford was 19 years old when he was on a cruise around New Zealand with his family. The day the White Island volcano erupted, he was on the island with his sister Winona, and parents Kristine and Anthony. They were on their way back to the boat on a nearby beach when they were struck by the blast.

In the days since the explosion, there have been many remarkable stories of survival. Some have been discovered alive in hospitals. However, dozens of people were injured, and a number are still suffering from the aftershocks.

One of the most harrowing aspects of the eruption was the fact that it killed dozens of people. A staggering number of Australians were among the dead.

Gavin Dallow’s selfless sacrifice

The White Island tragedy is heartbreaking for families. Not only did 15 Australians die, but two bodies are still missing. They include the wife of a South Australian man who died alongside his wife’s daughter. And a young Sydney teen’s parents were killed in a volcanic eruption.

The first victim to be identified was Melbourne woman Krystal Browitt. She was on her birthday trip to celebrate when the volcano erupted. Her sister, Stephanie, was also on the trip and suffered burns.

Another victim, 25-year-old marine biologist Kelsey Waghorn, was in a critical condition with severe burns. But despite her injuries, she is undergoing regular surgery for skin grafts.

There was another victim, an American woman, who was rescued from the burning ship. It is not clear if she was on the Ovation of the Seas cruise when it sunk or was visiting White Island at the time.

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