Starting a side hustle? Here are some options you could consider


There might be plenty of reasons why you’d be looking to start a side hustle. It might be to finance your dream holiday or a new car, or simply to keep on top of the rising bills that seemed to be part of the post-pandemic economy

This is a big decision to make, and for this reason, deciding where to start is usually where most people stop. However, by considering these options you might find the whole process a lot easier.

Do more of what you do now

If you’ve been working for any amount of time, you will have developed some skills and knowledge that you can use to earn extra money. So, the logical place to start is to simply do more of what you already do for different people, or off your own back in your spare time. With this option, you can get started immediately, as you don’t need to do any extra training.

However, you should be aware of any conflict of interest or confidentiality agreements you may have signed with your current employer before doing the same thing as you do for them in any other scenario.

Start your own eCommerce business

If doing more of what you do now isn’t an option, then you could always start afresh by running your own online business. As you well know, the number of people buying on the Internet has increased dramatically; especially since the events of 2020. So, while there is a hungry market out there for whatever it is you are likely to sell, you need to get some boxes ticked before you get things off the ground.

  • You’ll need to decide what you’re going to sell. Obviously some research is useful here, but you might have a passion that you wish to indulge in and take to the next level. This could be something like antique furniture which you can source easily using your knowledge, and sell on for a healthy profit.
  • You also need to decide where you are going to sell, and whether it’s going to be your own website, or if you use established platforms like eBay and Amazon to find your customers.
  • Equally importantly, you are going to need to work out how to get products to your customers. If step one involves you deciding on something that won’t fit in the mail, you need to source large item delivery services that you can trust to get what you need to your customer in one piece, and on time.

Consider freelancing in a new area

If the thought of having your house full of items to sell online sends shudders down your spine, then you are going to want something that just involves opening your laptop up and getting started. If this is you, then freelancing could be the way forward – although you will have to build your skill and customer base up as this is likely to be an entirely new venture for you.

By looking at a platform like Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer you can see which services people are willing to pay for, and where you could fit into the equation. Naturally, as a newbie, you’re not going to command the highest rates from day one. You need to remember you are building an online business that could realistically replace your 9 to 5 faster than any of the other options.

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