Fantasy Football Team Names


Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

If you’re looking for funny fantasy football team names, look no further. Inside jokes make the best team names, but off-the-wall wacky team names will also win over players. If you’re in a pool with co-workers, though, avoid names that are vulgar or offensive. One new trend for Fantasy Football leagues is to have a theme for each season, such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars, classic TV shows such as Seinfeld, or even WWE Wrestling.

The Loyalist

You can tell which fantasy football manager is a Loyalist by their team names. Loyalist fantasy football managers always name their teams the same every season. They will not change the name just to get more brownie points. In fact, you can even count on a Loyalist to have the same team name season after season. So, if you are a Loyalist fantasy football manager, you have no choice but to stick with your team name.

The Joker

It’s a myth that a fantasy football manager can’t use puns. The Joker is the most popular comic book villain, with more than six million players in the Premier League alone. But while puns can highlight a footballer’s name, they can also be a distraction from a team’s strengths. Puns are a good place to start, but if they’re not used wisely, they can leave a gnawing sense of ennui.

To avoid a plethora of offensive puns, choose a team name with a sense of humor. Using nicknames and monikers based on popular players is an excellent choice. Beware of innuendos, as they can be offensive as well as funny. Despite their obnoxiousness, offensive names will surely raise eyebrows. So, be careful in selecting a name.

The Bateman

If you’re a Ravens fan, you probably have a few choices in mind for The Bateman’s fantasy football team name. He finished the season with 46 receptions for 515 yards and a touchdown. However, he didn’t get his chance to play in the first four games because he started the season on injured reserve. His debut came in Week 6 against the Chargers. He ended up ranking third on the Ravens in target share (15.7%) behind only Marquise Brown and Chris Johnson. His one hundred-yard game came against Cincinnati.

Some teams have a pop culture reference, too. These names make for an interesting way to break the ice with league mates, while showing your fandom. For example, Isaiah Likely is not a superhuman, but his jersey meme is. Some other team names have more to do with the players’ names. For example, Trevor Lawrence is known as “It’s T-Law.” Rashid Bateman, meanwhile, goes by “Masterbateman.”

The Stranger Things team

If you are a fan of the Netflix series, you can have your team named after characters from the show. From the 80s, the show is full of fun sports references. The Stranger Things characters are all in fantasy football leagues. Marvel superheroes are in fantasy leagues as well. While some fantasy football team names are politically incorrect, the Stranger Things characters are a fun choice. Just be sure to read Wikipedia’s list of politically incorrect team names before making your team.

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